NVIDIA Goes Open Source

Linus Torvalds telling Nvidia to, well, you know.

NVIDIA once treated Linux so badly that Linus Torvalds famously gave them the middle finger, and it became a meme. Today, NVIDIA just announced they're making their Linux drivers open source. My Linux brethren, is it safe to claim victory?

See the full announcement here. And in case you simply can't believe it's true, feel free to view the source code on GitHub.

From NVIDIA (emphasis is mine):

"In this open-source release, support for GeForce and Workstation GPUs is alpha quality. GeForce and Workstation users can use this driver on Turing and NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPUs to run Linux desktops and use features such as multiple displays, G-SYNC, and NVIDIA RTX ray tracing in Vulkan and NVIDIA OptiX. Users can opt in using the kernel module parameter NVreg_EnableUnsupportedGpus as highlighted in the documentation. More robust and fully featured GeForce and Workstation support will follow in subsequent releases and the NVIDIA Open Kernel Modules will eventually supplant the closed-source driver."
Tavis J. Hampton

Tavis J. Hampton

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