Browser Wars, My Own Observations

On a given day, I may use three different browsers for various reasons.  Sometimes one browser just gets the job done better than another.  Having said that, the following results are only from one test (SunSpider), on one computer (mine), on one operating system (Kubuntu).  Results may vary for you, but the point of it is to demonstrate that the browser wars are getting very competitive.  On a given day, one build of Chrome may be faster than Firefox, and on another day, the opposite may be true.

Browser wars: Firefox vs. Chromium vs. Rekonq vs. Opera

    On Kubuntu 11.04, I pitted Chromium 11.0.696.57 (82915) vs. Firefox 4.0 vs. Rekonq 0.7.0 vs. Opera 11.10, all on KDE 4.6.2.  For obvious reasons, Microsoft Internet Explorer was not invited to this little shindig. For the SunSpider tests, the results were as follows: 1. Firefox 372.3 ms 2. Opera 438.1 ms 3. Chromium 453.0 ms 4. Rekonq 611.4 ms (Note: Lower is better in these tests) As you can see, Firefox is the clear winner.  You should know that SunSpider is only a Javascript test and is not testing overall browser speed, but it is interesting that Mozilla seems to have succeeded in bringing its Javascript speed up from previous versions.  It is also interesting to note that, although Chromium and Rekonq are both Webkit-based browsers (via Konquerer -> Safari), Google Chrome (Chromium) uses its V8 Javascript engine whereas Rekonq uses QtWekbit’s, which is apparently significantly slower. There are many other factors that go into which browser I use, so Javascript alone does not keep me in Firefox.  When I am using web apps, Chromium is usually better and faster.  Firefox has better extensions like the FlashVideoReplacer, and Rekonq has the fastest interface, as it is a native KDE app. I never actually use Opera, since it is proprietary. Rekonq also starts the fastest, Chromium next, Opera after that, and Firefox is the slowest to start. As time goes on, I may post more observations.]]>

Tavis J. Hampton

Tavis J. Hampton

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